About Nurse Career Success
& Helen Thamm



The mission of Nurse Career Success is to provide a process for nurses to reach maximum career success with minimal daily/transitional stress to help keep them balanced and avoid feelings of being overwhelmed and “burnt out”.



Nurse Career Success coaching was a natural evolution for me, from being a nurse psychotherapist who specialized in stress management and problem solving therapy to career/leadership/retirement coaching.

My passion developed partly due to my own failed first exploit into nurse management as well as having difficulty dealing with diverse personalities at work and being the target a few times of bullying behavior myself resulting in me leaving work exhausted and unable to really enjoy my home life.

When I began my nursing career, I was put in charge of a unit within three months of graduation, and later took my first nurse leadership position as a nurse manager. I had no positive mentor. In fact I remember my supervisor telling me not to care about the staff as they were only “blocks on a schedule.”

Later I did succeed as a Nursing Supervisor and then in home care and as a nurse therapist, partly because I had supportive mentors. Therefore, acting as a coach/mentor to nurses at all stages in their careers became a passion for me, and I feel I must help nurses succeed.

 Education and Credentials:

  • I achieved an MSN and credentials as a professional coach, career and wellness coach.
  • I was nominated for the Luther Christman clinical excellence award while working for a large medical center in Chicago.
  • MSN – from Rush University, Chicago, Ill.
  • CPC – from the Grow Institute (credentials only licensed therapists as professional coaches).
  • ACCC – from the Career Coach Institute which is credentialed by ICF, (International Coach Federation) .
  • Wellness Coach -  from the Spencer Institute.

Helen’s Books:

“How to Manage with a Magic Wand (No, Don’t Hit Your “Problem Employees” over the Head with it!)” and the bestseller co-authored with Dr. John Ellis, et al, “The Wellness Code” available at: www.amazon.com

Contributing author to two Gratitude Project Books:  “Best of Pets” and the ebook: ”Heroes” and to a book of nursing inspirational stories:  “Healing Hearts”.

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