How Can a Little Time Off Relight Your Passion?

Do you know you need a vacation when it gets harder to concentrate on your professional work, you feel drained by the end of the week, and you might not even enjoy completing an important task or project?  Funny how after as little as one week (remember it takes about three days to slow down enough to start to enjoy a vacation) you can replenish your energy bank and relight your passion!  As odd as it might sound, taking a little time off can actually help you be more productive when you get back to work.

For caretakers, such as nurses, it may be even harder to take the time to take care of ourselves, because we feel guilty about it!  Reminding ourselves we will be even better able to be there emotionally and physically for those clients/patients we care so much about if we take the time to also take care of ourselves can help.

Three Benefits of a One-week Revitalizing Vacation:

l. Doing something other than your usual routine like experiencing a new adventure, refreshes your brain. For example:  spending some time in nature if you work in a town/city.

2 .Enjoying a few sunny, lazy days near a pool/lake, etc. if you are usually physically active in your job, or doing the opposite if you sit most of the time, renews you physically.

3. Spending some quiet time alone if you work with people most of the time or with at least a few compatible friends/family members if you generally work more on projects, will increase emotional well-being.

As you can guess, a successful, replenishing vacation for most people means doing something different, maybe even opposite, of their usual routines.  Even caring people, such as RNs need some “R&R” time to be at their best!

Take some time to renew by taking care of you, too!

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