What Can You Do When You Get The Spring Blues?

Even health care professional like nurses sometimes get the “blues”, especially in the springtime.  While life is returning to the earth and tiny sprouts peak out from the ground, many people actually don’t experience the same expectation or excitement that new life can bring.  While winter blues are common (some people even experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) others feel unmotivated, drained and even sad in the springtime instead.

How can you defeat springtime blues and get your energy level back up so you can continue to succeed with your career and life goals?  The following are some suggestions.

Five Energy Boosting Tips to Combat Spring Blues:

  1.  First, recognize that your energy and motivation levels have slipped.
  2. Increase your aerobic exercise time, by at least a few minutes per session. Remember every other day is the safest for this type of exercise.
  3. If you have not exercised regularly for a while, start with a few minutes of walking or swimming which are usually considered the safest form of aerobics, after checking with your health care professional.  Even a few minutes per day can help get more oxygen to your brain, and other vital organs and increase your energy level.
  4. Spend time with supportive friends/family who may be presently moving forward with their own lives and are positive about it, to help encourage you.  I also include my three “kitty therapists” as support people as listening to them purr while I pet them, makes me smile and the warm feeling it gives me encourages me to keep moving forward for both me and for “my family”.
  5. Make time to commune with nature and/or if it fits with your belief system, also with a “higher power” to help reconnect with what might be most important to you.

Sometimes feeling all we do is work contributes to our having the blues, or as some people call it “spring fever”, so taking a little time to enjoy the weather (when it is actually warm), by making a concerted effort to include fun time in your busy week, is another way to keep a balance between achieving goals in our careers/lives and actually spending time enjoying life.  So if you find your energy and motivation level slipping it might also be a time to take a short spring break from your goals, so you can return refreshed.  Whether it is the up and down weather, or just a little restlessness (spring fever), be kind to yourself.  No one is 100% motivated to achieve all the time!

Get your mojo back, but let yourself enjoy the moment a bit too!

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