How Scary is the Eboli Threat?

It seems there is no end to threats to our security.  If it isn’t terrorists, it is an outbreak of a deadly disease that could spread to our country.  It is a wonder that we feel safe at all sometimes!  In reality, though, for most of us threats are just that.  They rarely materialize, but can surely incite fear.  It seems the CDC has a good handle on how to safely treat the few health care professionals who had put their lives on the line to treat the poor people with this disesase, and so far no one has contacted the illness who treated them.  Why then do people tend to overreact to their being able to get the best medical treatment, I believe, in the world here in the U.S.?  My guess is that bleeding out from about every part of the body is horrible even to imagine.

How to Reduce Unrealistic Fears about a  Real Scary Illness:

1.  Look at the facts regarding the safety of our world class medical facilties that have treated the few cases successfully.

2.  Remember the epidemic is in a third world country where isolation procedures are much less sophisticated.

3.  Be respectful of the risk if you should visit an area where the virus has been diagnosed.  Use prudent judgement whether you want to travel there at this time.

4.  Although contracting Eboli is nearly impossible for most Americans, saying a little prayer (if you pray) for those afflicted might replace fearful feelings with empathic ones.

5.  Remind yourself we have the best health care probably in the world just in case any type of disease or other health/life-threatening epidemic or attack should occur.

Spending time worrying about the “what-ifs” that could befall us, can interfere with actually enjoying the relative safety and security we experience daily in the U.S.

A Great Saying is “Live each day as if it could be your last, but your life as if you could live forever!”

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