Caretakers Need Nurturing Too!

Sometimes caretaking professionals get so caught up in helping others they forget to or don’t even realize they have needs themselves.  In fact, sometimes caretakers actually feel guilty about taking care of themselves.  It seems, like co-dependents in alcoholic families, caretakers feel the need to always be giving of themselves taking care of everything and everybody but never taking time to nurture the giver.

Why is self-nurturing so important?  Using the analogy of a wagon wheel, if the middle hub is strong and well taken care of, the wheel will last and last.  However, if the spokes of the wheel put too much pressure on the hub, taking its strength away, the hub will eventually break and the wheel will fall apart.  The point of the story of course is if the caretaker does not take care of herself, some day she may feel like she is falling apart.

Luckily, there are some simple ways a caretaker can nurture herself.  
Several Simple Ways for the Caretaker to Nurture Herself:

  1. Take a walk or bike ride
  2. Watch a funny T.V. show and laugh (even if you are alone)
  3. Imagine a relaxing scene
  4. Get a massage
  5. Sing or hum a positive song
  6. Practice a relaxation technique
  7. Remember some positive experience in detail
  8. Practice Yoga
  9. Watch a sunrise/sunset or look up at the stars
  10. Practice positive affirmations
  11. Pet a furry animal
  12. Reflect on your positive qualities and/or successes
  13. Phone a supportive friend
  14. Read an inspirational book
  15. Window shop
  16. Make yourself a nutritious meal
  17. Practice forgiveness exercises

If practiced regularly, it may surprise you how one or more of these techniques can have a positive impact on your general feeling of well being and even overall happiness!

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