When Life Seems Challenging–Why Be Grateful?

This past year I have experienced a very stressful health challenge.  Was out of work except for six weeks half-time for five months.  I wasn’t sure I could walk well without a walker until almost four weeks after finally getting in my permanent metal hip.  Spending six weeks in a rehabilitation center getting IV antibiotics for a severe hip infection and another six weeks on a temporary hip while waiting for my “real” hip was very difficult for me.  I was able to identify learning to be patient was at least one good thing that came of it.  Now, I am able to identify a lot more good things for which I am grateful.

Simple Things That I Am Grateful For, Made More Important Due to a Life Challenge:

1.  I can now walk with almost no limp–and no cane or walker.

2.  I appreciate each hour I can spend “loving up” my three kitties.

3.  I have the energy to work full-time and continue to develop my own coaching business.

4.  I love my family and friends even more for all their support like making extra phone calls, helping with my housework, shopping, getting me to doctor’s appointments, etc.

5.  I cherish every day of health as a blessing.

What are you feeling grateful for this year, even if your life has not been exactly a “bowl of cherries”.  My mother used to joke about that saying, adding, “but watch out for the pits”.  I guess that addition summed up my past half year’s medical challenge pretty well.

Life doesn’t always go according to our plans or goals, but every experience can help us grow and later appreciate the good things even more!

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