What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You as a Professional Woman?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate love for people in relationships.  It is for most of these couples a happy time and a reason to show each other how they feel.  Whether a woman is a full-time homemaker/mother or a professional woman (who might also be a wife and mother), honoring that special holiday may be one way to reassure her that she is in a healthy relationship.  It can be a way to show the woman she continues to be loved, or even that her significant other is still “in love” with her.

Is Valentine’s Day something to celebrate for you, or is it a “downer”?

Does the upbeat, positive nature of this day that celebrates a time to show love sound like what you experience in your current relationship or did you laugh a bit?  Or, are you currently between relationships and Valentine’s Day is just another way to remind yourself that you are single and unattached?  If you are not satisfied as a single it can actually be quite a depressing day!

If Valentine’s Day is just another one or it reminds you that you are in what you feel is a non-supportive relationship—or even worse– maybe it could act as a catalyst for you to contemplate a change!  If you are currently single, you may wish to see this as a time for self-growth, pursuing your individual personal and professional goals and dreams.  I find when engaged in doing what a woman may love to do and feeling good about herself, it seems to attract other like people—sometimes even a kindred spirited man!

I have a saying about committed relationships: There is nothing better than a good relationship, but nothing worse than a bad one!


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