Five Ways You Can Increase Your Personal Wellness!

Many facilities/companies are now offering structured “wellness programs” for their workers/staff.  While these programs may be beneficial to workers/professional staff, being a little creative “doing your own thing” can be both fun and health enhancing too.

My five favorite simple wellness promoting tips:

1.      Just get moving more.  For example, when I am washing dishes (I hate that chore), I do a little dance.  That way I add about fifteen minutes of fun “exercise” to my daily routine.

2.     Today many people sit for long periods of time.  I still work as a therapist, as well as a career/wellness coach so I stand up and walk at least to the bathroom after every session.  I don’t care that my peers may think I have a little bladder problem, even though sometimes I just wash my hands in the bathroom as my clearing technique between clients.  I also follow a simple stretching routine at least daily that my chiropractor recommended.

3.     Some days I work late and would often in the past eat a sweet treat to keeping going.  I have simply switched to a granola bar (I love the peanut butter ones and keep a box of them in my desk drawer), which give me both a boost of energy and a good source of fiber.

4.     I make a plan weekly to go out usually with friends to enjoy one fun activity.  If I don’t preplan I end up spending my weekends cleaning house, or just “vegging” in front of the TV to try to relax.

5.     I spend time daily with who I call my three “therapists” to fill my own love cup back up after being there emotionally for others all day.  They may be “purrsons” not people, but it is I feel very important to have a supportive somebody there to give back love to those of us especially who work in the caring professions.

You don’t have to follow a structured “program” to increase your personal wellness, just create and follow your own!


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