Healthcare Professionals Just Get Moving and Have Fun, to Get Fit!

Do you sit alot at your healthcare professional job?  While we are aware of what to instruct our patients/clients on how to take better care of themselves, we often neglect helping ourselves to get to peak wellness by getting gradually into better physical shape.  I found a simple step to beginning to break out of a sedentary lifestyle is just to get up and moving more.  At the end of a stressful day, when most of us feel just plain tired out, we probably don’t have the motivation to push ourselves to go to the gym because it feels like another “should do” task.  Instead, I just advocate healthcare professionals in more sedentary jobs to just get up and move!

Here are some simple ways to get moving without adding more stress to your day:

1.  When you cook dinner, try marching from your table, to your stove/microwave, then to your table, while humming a patriotic tune.

2.  My favorite is to do what I call “Helen’s doing dishes dance”.  Since I  hate washing dishes, dancing around by just moving my shoulders and hips while I do them, both helps me get more active and distracts me from a distasteful task!

3. While talking on the phone try standing up and walking around abit.

4.  I have an overstuffed chair that is also a rocker.  I rock “enthusiastically” for several minutes when I watch TV.

5. While cleaning out the cat box or feeding my cats I try to stretch a little further, since both their dishes and their litter boxes are on the floor and add a little flare with some dance moves.  Since I don’t think anyone relishes going treasure hunting for cat presents in their “toilet” box, any distraction I find is an added bonus!

Isn’t it great that getting fit can be fun!


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