How to Decrease Stress in Healthcare Staff Meetings!

While sometimes interjecting culturally sensitive, well-placed jokes or funny stories can be one way to reduce stress, there are many other ways to reduce stress in a healthcare staff meeting.

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Healthy Healthcare Staff Meeting Stress Reducers:

  1. Basically a stress buster can be any supportive communication (both verbal and non-verbal) shared by a staff member.
  2. If you happen to be a manager, be aware the tone of a professional staff meeting is set by the leader.  This important task of creating a respectful, receptive atmosphere is essential.  For example if two nurses find it difficult in general to get along, and the nurse manager notes a sarcastic tone in their remarks/comments, rolling of their eyes or other passive-aggressive forms of communication, it becomes the responsibility of that leader to address the behavior, gently but firmly.
  3. While the leader may have the lion’s share as gatekeeper and tone-setter, all staff members need to help support a positive team environment.  Wouldn’t it be great if all health care professionals were (or were working on becoming) aware of their peer’s positive qualities, strengths and talents and shared these observations?  Simultaneously, developing tolerance for each peer’s “quirks” can help to view those most unlike ourselves in a kinder, gentler light.  This change in viewpoint, if bought into by all the staff can actually prevent some of the “others” on the team from feeling disrespected or putdown and thereby reduce interactional stress for the whole group.

Changes in awareness/perception as well as the manager/leader stepping up and not accepting stress producing disrespectful/intolerant behavior, can both reduce stress within a professional healthcare group and increase a team spirit as well.

 I encourage you to work on your self-awareness, become more tolerant of quirks/differences in peers, speak kindly, and recognize how each staff member’s specialness contributes to the success of the team, so you can help reduce stress and support a healthier team spirit

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