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September question of the month: 

“What do You Think a Leader Could do to Help Create Stellar Staff Morale?”


“I keep learning new innovative ways to give immediate positive feedback for extra effort, and ask for staff’s ideas about clinical issues.”


August question of the month: 

“What Can Nurse Leaders Learn from Olympic Teams who win Medals?


“Each team member had to do their best in order for their team to win.  Leaders need to help their staff give their best quality work, also.”

“Coaches were really encouraging, even if one of their Olympians made a mistake or two during their performances, so those team members weren’t totally dejected.  We have to be gentle giving constructive criticism so our staff members also don’t just feel discouraged or maybe put down.”

“Leaders have to have confidence in staff’s abilities and help them cooperate not individually compete to create a great team and attain top productivity!”


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