Are You Experiencing Post Holiday Letdown?

Once the holiday decorations are taken down does your house, like mine, look rather–sad?  Are the shorter days, with less sunlight, along with cold and snowy weather getting to you more now that the festive lights, etc. are gone?  January and February seem to be the months with the most challenging weather where I, like many others, live.  So how can a healthcare professional make the best of this drab time of year?  Here are five simple suggestions to help you feel more energized:

1.  First ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how happy or full of life do you feel right now.  If the number you choose is “7″ or below, you may want to make some simple adjustments.

2.  If lack of sunlight is an issue for you, try replacing a regular lightbulb with a full-spectrum one, to mimic the sun’s natural light.

3.  Cabin fever can be a challenge if you spend most of your time only working or hybernating at home.  Take a look at your local paper, to see if there are any nearby events that might interest you.  Just getting out for a movie, play or even a high school ball game (I love to watch our Lady Bobcats kick b—  as they are a serious basketball team!) can help you break out of hybernation mode.

4.  Learn something new.  I am taking a social media class to learn how to use Facebook, etc. to help share my passion and message more effectively.

5.  Reach out more regularly to friends, even if only by phone or even email.  I am happy that some close friends live across the street so being able to have some good laughs while playing board games is easy for me.

However you choose  to break up the monotony of winter and warm your heart after the holidays, it is usually wise to plan ahead.  I find if I don’t, my free time just seems to slip away, especially on weekends when I am at home and not working, but I don’t feel I really did anything that would refurbish my spirit and energize me.

Don’t let the drab weather get you down.  Take simple steps to re-energize!

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