Creating a Healthy Work-Life Balance

When a professional starts to feel married to her career, to the exclusion of any other priority in her life, a work-life imbalance can occur.  Although the causes of what many call “workaholism” may be varied, the end result is similar for many professionals.  They just plain don’t have an outside life.

How can a person, especially a “Baby Boomer” who is from the generation of workaholics try to gain more balance in her life?  It often helps if the person first creates a list of her priorities in her life, such as:  career, family/friends, spiritual, relaxation, self growth, etc.  These priorities often reflect the person’s values as well.

If you think you may be a workaholic, try this exercise:   break up a typical day into twenty four hours, (remember to include sleeping time), and just peek at how much time you are spending on each of your priorities.  If you find work (including thinking/worrying about work) takes up at least half of the day, and sleep takes up another eight hours, with time for grooming another hour or two, you may only have a couple of hours left for your other priorities. Yikes!

Simple Ways to Help Rebalance Your Work-Life Priorities:

  1. When you leave work, for the day, in your mind, “close the door” to it, and don’t think about work until you return the next day.
  2. Learn how to say “no” to more “extra duties”, as people who tend to get things done are often asked to do more than others.  (What a way to get rewarded!)
  3. Pre-plan activities with family/friends and stick to your commitment with them.
  4. Plan at least a few minutes for uplifting reading, or other self help growth.
  5. Carve out time daily for self-nurturance, including spiritual activities if you wish.
    Through these simple (not easy mind you) changes, you can help create a more balanced life, and start to become a human being rather than just a “human doing”

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