How Can a Single Healthcare Professional Celebrate Valentine’ Day Well?

Being a single-never married female healthcare professional, I often struggled how to celebrate the main holiday reserved for married or other committed couples.  It seemed some peers got red roses from their husbands, or other romantic gifts such as chocolates in a heart-shaped box.  How can a single person enjoy the day, rather than possibly just feeling lonely or sad?  Here are a couple of suggestions I have used myself.

1.  There is no rule saying you can’t buy a red rose or heart for yourself.  As a coach/therapist I believe if you can’t show love to yourself once in a while it becomes harder to continue to be a caring professional to those in our care.

2.  You can remind yourself how special you are.  I like to write a list of my assets and talents on paper so it is easier for me to appreciate all I do.

3.  Take yourself out to a nice restaurant and treat yourself to your favorite meal or dine with supportive friends/family.

4.  Take the time to do something special for yourself.  Some people enjoy a relaxing fragrant bubble bath.  Others love getting a massage.  Reading something inspirational works for some as well.

5.  Call (don’t text) a family member or friend you haven’t contacted lately, but love.  Tell them how much you love and appreciate them.  Bet you will get that same positive affirming message back!

We make choices everyday.  We can on Valentine’s Day choose to feel sad/lonely or make proactive plans to enjoy it.

Choosing to engage in a self-nurturing activity on Valentine’s Day can help you enjoy it, and feel good about yourself.  Decide to celebrate the unique and wonderful person that is you!

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