Spring has Sprung–Is Your Wellness Blooming?

When the weather becomes more inviting do you suddenly attain more enthusiasm to be out in nature?  Recently I restarted my daily walks and  am lucky enough to live near a state park with a beautiful river bank paved walkway.  Watching the frisky geese flying–some in pairs over the gently rippling water or the ducks dunking for fish turns this mild form of exercise into a joyful experience for me!  What motivates me and probably other health care professionals to re-ignite our passion for wellness goals may include:

1.  Taking a recuperative walk out in nature.  Although the ideal setting may be a park or forest preserve, if you have abundant budding trees in your neighborhood, they may suffice to create a more   “citified” natural retreat.

2.  Have a picnic with friends or family again in the outdoors.  Even grilling in the back yard can get you out of the house and breathing in the fresh spring air.

3.  Plan a weekend getaway to a setting that could include a lake, trees and/or other natural “wonders”.

4.  As the old saying goes “take some time to smell the roses” (or other flowers of your choice) once they peak their colorful heads up.

5. Slow down when you are driving after work, sometimes just enjoying a sculpted front yard of a neighbor for a few seconds and taking in a deep breath (with the window open) can help you get in better touch with your natural self.

Consider that in  ancient times when we lived in caves, we had to go out to search for/grow our food, so we spent a great deal of time outdoors.  Now we are often  cooped up in steel framed offices or other workplaces all day, then may drive home in traffic and spend the rest of the day in our homes!

Escape from the hubbub of modern life by spending some time in nature and your wellness may bloom along with the flowers!

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