Trick, Treat or Threat?

When I was a child, I loved dressing up and trick or treating with my older brother.  There even was a lovely older lady in my neighborhood who would greet us at the door with a large cookie sheet filled with aromatic, delicious (though “sticky”) popcorn balls.  We would eat ours often before we got to the next house.  One year we even waited abit and came back for seconds.  She, being a gracious lady let us have our seconds, but gently reminded us we should leave some for others, too.

Nowadays, parents wouldn’t allow any non-wrapped treats to be eaten, especially after hearing about the razor blades found in apples one year. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt children, but unfortunately there are people in this world who get some sort of sick satisfaction from that horrible behavior.

Some Simple Ways to Keep Trick or Treaters Safe:

1.  Make sure either a parent, other responsible adult or older teenager accompanies smaller children.

2.  Check candy before letting children eat it, and discard any unwrapped or wrapper-damaged candy.

3.  Preferably only go to the houses of people you know or are recommended by other people you trust.

4.  In my town, local stores give out candy the day before Halloween, so the proprietors are more likely to be careful what they hand out.  After all, they probably wouldn’t do anything that would ruin their reputaton and potentially badly affect their bottom line!

5.  Look into Halloween parties at school (or a church you may be affiliated with)  where children can dress up, have fun and be safe!

Sadly some people can’t be trusted, so it is up to the adult parental figures to keep their young ones safe.

Our precious trick or treaters can both stay safe and have fun using these simple parental “tricks”.

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