When the Nurse Becomes the Patient–Part Two!

I know a therapist/nurse and lif/career/wellness coach is supposed to be more of a “super woman”, but facing another surgery is no fun!

While I am reassured I have the very best surgeon in the area, and will be at a hospital that has a good reputation for a low infection rate, anticipating the first couple of weeks post surgery can be a bit daunting.  I hope this will be the last one I will ever have!


1.  I remind myself I have many people praying for me.

2.  I have done everything “right” in between surgeries, including drinking three protein drinks daily.  (I recommend Boost, as it tastes the best).

3.  I followed my surgeon’s recommendation not to work more than about half days.  Luckily I had a great deal of sick time from my therapist’s job as well as a month and a half of vacation, so I won’t have to worry as much about money.

4.  I had a safety walk-in shower installed.

5.  I am setting up meals on wheels for the first few weeks after I am home, and am negotiating for a “swing bed” for a week after the initial three days usual hospital stay, since I don’t have a husband.

Hopefully you won’t have to go through an extended problem like I am experiencing, but a final suggestion I want to share is to make sure to reach out to family and friends.  I found phone calls and visits were really important to help my recovery.

Even nurses sometimes have to be patients–and patience really is a virtue!

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