Where Did Those 2015 Resolutions Go?

Ever make a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions then by the end of January they seem to have disappeared?  Many health care professionals are so busy just working and taking care of our homes/families, even if we did make some–or several–we have faltered in our follow through.  Here are some suggestions to help you succeed:
Yearly Goals Success Steps:

1.  Are your goals so big they are probably impossible to achieve?  If you create one such as “I will lose 50 lbs. in three months” how likely will you be to accomplish it?  But, if you choose to release 10 lbs. I the next three months, wouldn’t that seem a little more realistic?

2, Do you have a vague goal, such as “I want to be happy”?  Identifying one action that could help you feel happier, such as spending more time with a supportive friend, or re-engaging in a hobby you formerly loved might help you actually feel happier.

3.  Are you really invested in the area/goal you have chosen?  If you like many of us would like to release a little excess weight, but don’ want to change your eating habits or add more exercise to your day, that goal might just become a frustration.

4.  Do you make resolutions because you feel you are supposed to as a health care professional?  I love the old saying “don’t should on me and I won’t should on you”.  I find “shoulding” on ourselves just makes people feel bad.

5.  For myself, I found a secret for success a few years ago.  I changed the word “resolutions” to “promises”.  That both helped me feel more of a personal commitment to the goal and a sense of responsibility.

Making New Year’s resolutions are really not a good or bad practice, but being realistic and setting only those that fit with our personal values can help achieve them with a lot less stress.

Wiser to create less resolutions/goals that are more in sync with your personal values and level of energy and commitment which can help ensure your success!

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