Do you want to stop feeling frustrated, dis-empowered, exhausted and overwhelmed in your high responsibility but low authority Professional Nursing role?

Then you have come to the right place.

Most Registered Nurses start their careers focused on giving great care to patients in hospitals, but find themselves being put in charge of a unit often instead. Later they are promoted usually due to their clinical excellence to higher management positions. They often feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed due to this increased responsibility, but low authority roll and frequently experience bullying in the form of verbal abuse to boot. The resultant chronic stress sometimes makes it difficult just to have enough energy to get up and go to work.

Smiling Nurse With Thumbs Up Posing

Imagine  walking into your job feeling confident you can deal with any challenges the day may offer and/or taking steps to explore alternative positions or even careers no matter whether you are a neophyte nurse or a baby boomer one wanting to reinvent your life purpose when you retire. Imagine finishing your work day having enough energy to enjoy your family and being able to keep your “cool” and your sense of humor even when dealing with difficult personalities and/or challenging changes.

The number one reason for turnover is bully behavior.  A 1999 study by Laura Sofield, MSN, APRN, BC found 90% of nurses they surveyed had experienced verbal abuse, and most averaged five incidents per month.

How can you create a successful people serving career and still maintain a healthy life balance? Step back a bit and imagine how your ideal day would look. Explore both time and energy commitments then take steps to create both a career and life you can be dedicated to but also enjoy.

Nurse Career Success works with Registered Nurses at all stages in their careers to help them succeed in leadership and other roles, and/or to explore options including those at retirement to create a balance between dynamic professional growth and still having a healthy, fulfilling home life.  Helen’s new leader success toolkit “How to Manage with a Magic Wand (No, Don’t Hit Your “Problem Employees” over the Head with it!)” is  available at Amazon also to help you if you are transitioning into management


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