Are You Overworked or Overwhelmed? (and What You Can do about it)

RNs and other Female Professionals:

How do you know whether you’re really overworked, or you feel overwhelmed?

Here are some tips to recognize which one it might be and how you can deal with either one more effectively:

Differences between overwork and overwhelm include:


  1. Several new tasks are added to your job—none are removed
  2. You are asked to do overtime more often than your peers.
  3. You have a big project due every three months that takes a lot of extra time, with no time allotted to do it.


  1. You start to do several tasks at the same time—can’t figure out which to do first.
  2. You can’t seem to find time to do your charting (paperwork) so you stay late almost every day to complete it.
  3. You forget you have a report due every  months that takes a lot of extra time, with you don’t do a piece of it then stress trying to complete it last minute.

How to reduce overwork/overwhelm:


  1. Discuss delegating some “old” tasks to others with your boss when he/she adds a new one.
  2. Tactfully decline OT—judiciously.
  3. Request a decreased workload briefly when a report is due.


  1. Make a priority list of projects—work on the most important one first.
  2. Assess your day and document in between tasks as possible.
  3. Preplan/prework part of a big report when you have “down” time

Work wellness is important for your overall health and balance helps you keep your passion alive!

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