How do You Know When it is Time to Go?

Have you planned to leave a job or relationship in the future, but then something happens beyond your control and you just know it would be best for you to leave sooner?  Sometimes just one more change, unwanted new responsibility or someone’s behavior becoming more stressful for you to deal with is what people call [...]

New Year, Now What?

Are you one of those people who feel compelled to write goals/resolutions for the year?  Some people who do probably already feel discouraged they are not working toward their resolutions.  I find using the term “promises” rather than resolutions or goals helps me to be more diligent actually following up with the steps it takes [...]

“I SHOULD be merry!”

Recently one of my mental health clients put on a fake smile and said “I SHOULD be merry, it’s Christmas time!”  When I reassured him everybody does not feel super happy on holidays at least some of the time, he let out a sigh.  He then shared how his wife’s medical problems had become worse [...]

Beautiful Fall!

What does fall mean to you?  Do you anticipate leaves becoming an array of beautiful colors or think about how they are about to die?  Autumn is probably my favorite season as I love the way the trees seem to dress up with bountiful hues of red, gold or orange.  I don’t look to the future [...]

Summer Heat Getting to You?

Does it seem to you that those of us who experience a change of seasons about this time of the year yearn for fall?   Many women like me have hair that is straight and wish for some curls while even health care professional women I know wish the seasons would change faster–until they do.  Just like my hometown (Chicago) my [...]

Spring–Winter–Spring, EvenHealthcare Professionals Get Sick!

Have you had the privilege of attracting the “flu” this winter?  We here in Wyoming have the dubious distinction of making national news for having the most (and I think the worst) cases per capita of our fifty states!  Now I love the fact that one quarter of our state is actually Yellowstone National Park [...]

Holidays, Jolly or Just Office Politics?

Do you work at a place where someone makes all the decisions about what you will do, maybe even wear for the holidays?  I believe while the controlling people are well intentioned trying to enjoy or at least look like I am enjoying a project and/or holiday party is a lot of work!  Wouldn’t it [...]

Giving Thanks is Sometimes a Challenge!

Ever feel disappointed at the holidays?  My sister-in-law called me just a couple of weeks ago and said they were not having the family gathering on Thanksgiving this year.  Instead they are going to travel to see their daughter and granddaughter out of state.  Since I travel from Wyoming to Chicago land every Thanksgiving (and [...]

Almost Fall–Time for a Change?

Ever feel like when the leaves are about to turn to gorgeous shades of yellow, gold, orange and red that it might be a time for change in your own life?  I am contemplating what life adventure I might want to pursue fairly soon, (for me in a year or two).  I still love working [...]

Back to School–Already?

Most heath care professional women especially are probably happy their children are about to go back to school.  Less daycare worries with the financial stress it may bring is also a real asset for some. However has anyone considered what it might be like to be a teacher returning to the classroom after having free [...]

Summertime and the Living is–Hot While the Earth is Heating up Too!

Seems the summers here in my little town in Wyoming, known for having a “temperate” climate are getting hotter. Noted the opening ceremony at the summer Olympics in Rio really shed light on the global warming crisis. We in this state depend on the coal and oil industries mainly for our prosperity.  However, even though [...]

Ever Feel Like You Need a Vacation after Your Vacation?

Just came back from a short, but fun vacation out of state.  I felt refreshed, energetic and just plain more alive.  Have you ever come back to work, (I still work in a fulltime therapist position at a local mental health center in addition to my private work) and the you-know-what hits the fan?  Two [...]

You Take Care of Others, but Who Takes Care of You?

Are you single, don’t live with another person (at least one that is supportive) and work in the health care field?  If you are nodding your head “yes” I ask you, who then takes care of you?  We in the nursing profession as well as other care giving professionals tend to give–and give to others until we [...]

Spring is Springing–But Why Then do Some People Want to Die?

Since I am  on call every few weeks for risk assessments at our local ER, there seemed to be a dramatic increase in the average number of people in my county who became suicidal including a few overdoses late this winter when we had really mild weather intermixed with snow days into this early spring.  It made me wonder [...]

Has Your Passion Taken a Vacation?

Ever feel like no matter how much you do at work there is always a pile more?  In today’s health care field it seems they always want more and often with less resources!   Every year (and I have been in the field a good many years) it is harder for me to focus on helping [...]

Are You a Goal Setter or Promise Keeper?

Are you a high achieving health care professional who feels the need to make lofty New Year’s goals, then in February or March feel you are “failing” at achieving them?  In the past I have made too high goals and felt disappointed in myself a few months into the year.  I have now decided to [...]

Post Holiday Blahs?

Do you feel a let down emotionally when the holidays are over?  All that running around decorating the house, shopping and maybe entertaining keep most of us so busy it is like being in a whirlwind.  Afterwards just experiencing a normal day may seem boring.  What can we do to keep the rest of the winter from [...]

Happy Holidays? (are they for you?)

I am one who can’t wait for the yearly family get together for Thanksgiving–even though I have to travel 1270 miles to get back to Chicago to enjoy it!. Although like I suppose most everybody else I tend to over indulge a bit at the feasts for Thanksgiving and later Christmas, I really love the [...]

Back to School for You or Yours?

It is almost time for children and others interested in either higher education or continuing their professional/personal development to return to school.  How do you feel when anticipating that first day: excited,  looking forward to seeing school friends, or just plain dreading the amount of work facing you (or yours) again?  I find attitude about facing the new [...]

A Mid Summer’s Day Dream

What have you been doing this summer?  We had a festive fireworks display on the 4th of July, an exciting PRCA  (professional) Rodeo, and are looking forward to both our craft fair in the park and what is called the Gifting of the Waters parade and ceremony.  The Gifting of the Waters commemorates when Chief Washakie gave the [...]