Almost Fall–Time for a Change?

Ever feel like when the leaves are about to turn to gorgeous shades of yellow, gold, orange and red that it might be a time for change in your own life?  I am contemplating what life adventure I might want to pursue fairly soon, (for me in a year or two).  I still love working as a healthcare professional (nurse-therapist and life/career/wellness coach), but am not sure if I want to continue a full-time work schedule just doing my own practice part-time.  There are positives and negatives to each path.


1.  Be sure to put the horse in front of the cart, not the other way around.  That is be clear on what you want to change, whether it be a job, career, or attaining a personal development goal.

2.  Make a plan for how you will support yourself if you want to go into your own business/practice, including researching for grants, etc.

3.  Ask yourself what is holding you back from actually going for your goal.

4.  If you discover that you don’t like change, are really afraid you might be “poor” if you strike out on your own, or have some other fears about trying something new, you may want to talk the issue over with a friend you trust to be a supportive person, or maybe explore it further with a professional.

5.  Once you are clear what you want to do and have a plan for when you want to do it, as well as how you can realistically succeed, start taking small steps to actually take the leap.  Be aware while change in inevitable, trying to stay in what may be a stagnating, self-esteem and energy draining situation can actually become over time detrimental to your health!

Helen says:  if you are tired of the path you are presently on, you can always forge a new trail!





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