Are Your Professional/Personal Yearly Goals Already Slipping?

Why do so many professional women give up their yearly career goals/wellness resolutions by March of the year?  I believe there may be several reasons for this pattern of seeming failure.

Reasons professional women may lose momentum in achieving their career/personal goals:

  1. The goals are not clear, therefore it is hard to decide what to do to achieve them.
  2. They are too lofty, so actually trying to accomplish them begins to feel overwhelming.
  3. The goals are not in synchrony with your values or are a mismatch to your overall life/career plan so you are not passionate about tackling them.

I try to remember that goals/resolutions are not chiseled in stone.  Therefore if I find one or more of them are not a good fit with my overall career/life success plan, I can always fine-tune, put off or even delete some of them.  As human beings we continually need to adapt to new challenges and at work we know more tasks are often demanded of us.  Sometimes increased expectations or unexpected life events may require us to re-allocate our energy as well, so please be kind to yourself if you should need to put one or more goals off,  if maybe only for another year!

Rushing to reach goals also is sometimes just a good way to sap energy, and you can end up tired out and frustrated.  So, once you are certain you are on the right track with your goals fine-tuned, please also be sure to break down the big ones into small manageable steps.  I plan weekly and monthly steps and celebrate whenever I complete one of them, giving myself little treats throughout the year rather than waiting until the goals are totally completed to help me stay on course as well.

Remember who won the hare vs tortoise race?  Slow, focused and steady progress actually helps you reach the finish line with the best possible positive outcome!

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