Even Healthcare Professionals Can Experience Bumps on Their Career Path!

When I decided I wanted a more peaceful place to live and moved from a suburb of Chicago to a small town in Wyoming, I hadn’t really made plans how I would support myself when I left my well-paying staff development infection control position at a psychiatric hospital!  I just knew my beautiful town felt like home the moment I saw a picture of it in a magazine.  I wanted to live in a placid place surrounded by beauty, rather than continuing to have to deal with ever-increasing traffic and noise, which to me was leaving “home”, a personal bump to get over.

Wyoming Landscape

My first few months in my new “nest”I spent making it look pretty and enjoying the scenery, while living off my savings.  By fall my house projects were completed and although my goal had been to start an independent therapy or life coaching practice for women, I didn’t have a clue how to go about developing it and dwindling savings created a financial bump for me.

One day I saw an ad in the local paper and interviewed for a part-time position at a mental health center, but ended up accepting a full-time nurse-therapist one instead—but for less than half the pay I had made in Chicago!  Even though this was definitely a bump in my career road, I did have more time to take classes and get certified in three different types of coaching, including career and wellness specialties. Since many of my clients at work were high functioning I, like many other therapists, incorporated my new expertise to help them reach greater success in their careers and a higher level of overall wellness.  Thus I was already beginning to live more in integrity with my values.

My focus then became centered on how I could help women reach their individual peak level of wellness.  Thus I was able to overcome the “bump” of not being clear about my passion and mission in life.  It is really difficult I find to get to a goal when you are not sure exactly what that career goal may be.

I also had to change my mindset from being an employee to actually developing my own small business.  I had a friend who completed a doctorate in naturapathy, but had no idea how to let people know who she was and that she was passionate about helping them.  In a couple of years, while being deep in debt from her student loans, she gave up her dream. I decided to start slowly, share my wellness booster tips freely, and write books so many people could benefit from what I had learned, while still maintaining a full-time job for financial security.  Juggling both, and keeping up my own energy level was a challenge and occasional feelings of discouragement, self-doubt and fear of the unknown sometimes felt like another bump in the road but soon I realized it was all worth it!

 Expecting bumps on your career pathcan help you stay positive while you begin to do what you love rather than just staying with what you always did–because you are worth it!


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