Five Ways Health Care Professionals Can Become Healthier in 2014?

After the holidays, are you thinking about how you might want to become healthier in 2014?

Many professionals want to do something to increase their overall wellness, and create goals but they are too general  For example, you might want to have a better work/life balance, have more energy, or just attain a higher level of wellness so you can continue giving compassionate care to others.  However, you are may not be sure exactly how to attain these vague goals.

Five Suggestions to Help Create Great Wellness Enhancing Goals for 2014:

  1.  Begin by asking yourself what area(s) in your life or work/life balance issues you may wish to improve.  This can be done by spending time contemplating the different main areas most people consider to be important.  Some may include:
    1.  Health
    2. Relationships (including possibly spiritual issues)
    3. Work/life balance
  2. Once you have identified the area(s) you wish to address, fine-tune them.  For example, if you identified you want better health, are you wishing to release some excess weight, stop smoking or become more active?
  3. If you choose wanting to release some weight, ask yourself whether you overeat, eat late in the evening and/or have become more sedentary without changing the amount of food you are eating.
  4. Now that you have a more specific end goal, you can create doable smaller ones. Specific weight loss goals may include:
    1.  Learn how to and eat healthy portion sized meals. Even nurses sometimes aren’t aware how much we are consuming as we tend to eat “on the run”. Joining Weight Watchers or TOPS can help you learn to eat more moderately.
    2. Exchange unhealthy snacks like high-calorie sweet treats for healthier ones.  I love small oranges that taste sweet but also supply vitamins and good fiber.
    3. If late night snacking is a problem, try distractions, such as doing a craft, talking on the phone, or my favorite, doing Word Find puzzles.
    4. For those of us who sit too much, get up and walk around your office once per hour and take just a short daily walk (fifteen to twenty minutes is fine).
  5.  Once you have clarified and created specific goals, try writing them as “promises”, such as “I promise to walk twenty minutes per day”.

Whatever health-related goals you choose the secret to success completing them is to be open to trying something new.  An interesting definition of insanity is doing the same thing in the same way but expecting a different result.

Great health can be achieved when goals are clear, specific, doable, and the goal setter is willing to making a change!

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