How to Avoid Burnout

How do you know when you begin to burn out in your professional career? The early slide into burn out may be hard to self detect.  Often it begins with a person feeling more tired after work and/or having a vague feeling of dread or having trouble getting motivated to go into work.  The person might be aware of, or others may tell her she has become more “sensitive”, “negative” or even “irritable”.

A little later the professional might find herself getting “sick” more often with the “flu/colds” usually, or if she has chronic hypertension or Diabetes, she might experience the illness becoming less stable. The professional might also think more about wanting to either change jobs or even start to consider changing careers.

If you are experiencing any of these very early or slightly later s/s of burn out, it is important to do something pretty quickly about it as it could slide down lower, even into a situational depression, and/or cause more serious medical problems.

What can a Person Do to Combat Burn Out?

When a person identifies she is starting to burn out, it is actually a good first step to dealing more effectively with it.  Therefore the first step is to take some time in a quiet place and ask yourself “how happy and/or satisfied do I feel in my career right now?”

Take some deep breaths and write out your feelings or whatever comes to mind.  You might be surprised what comes up.
Career  Success Tips (Burn out). If you feel stuck or not able to identify what is going on inside of you, a good second step is to talk with a trusted friend or mentor, as it sometimes helps to let someone else support you.  You can also engage a neutral third party, such as a career success coach to help you identify and clarify what the issues are that might be causing you to feel burnt out.  However, if just ignored, burn out can severely interfere with a professional’s career success, so if you recognize it is happening to you, please take positive action quickly.

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