How to Reduce Speaker’s Stress When Training Staff

Have you ever had to sit through an educational seminar where the trainer came across as disorganized or scattered?  Did you leave confused or even frustrated, feeling you didn’t learn much as a result?  While some nurses/healthcare professionals may be so familiar with their topic that they can give a great impromptu staff development seminar, most people need to take time to prepare in order to be their best and experience the least public speaking stress.

Businesswoman Giving A Lecture At Podium

Suggestions to Help Healthcare Professionals Prepare and Share Great Educational Seminars include:

  1.  If you are less familiar with a particular topic or require specific pertinent statistics/facts, start by spending time doing research.
  2. Create a “catchy” title and opening to help engage your audience, reflective of their unique nursing/healthcare problems/needs.
  3. Organize your major points in an outline.  Then fill out your points with pertinent stories/anecdotes, etc. that make each point seem more real to life and interesting.  Of course, make sure to keep patients’/clients’ identifying data confidential.
  4. End a powerful seminar by summarizing your major ideas and include a call to action to incorporate any new learning right away, so the new material is not just viewed as theory.
  5. Lastly, but very important, practice!  Create a “cheat sheet” with a few key words for each major point and to remind you of the stories/anecdotes you wish to share to make sure you cover every vital point.  Then practice your educational presentation enough where you still sound conversational, not that you memorized every word.  Each time you practice it might be a little different, but will still include all pertinent information.

I challenge you to utilize these five suggestions and you will likely have more fun presenting/training, get a maximum positive response from your staff, and experience greater personal satisfaction.

Taking the time to prepare and practice can help a speaker/trainer craft and deliver a stellar educational presentation, receive a great response and experience super personal/[professional satisfaction.

HINT:  If you want to master public speaking skills and help reduce speaking stress, I highly recommend joining Toastmasters International!

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