Spring is Coming. Are You Ready for a Professional Rebirth Too?

In the spring my energy usually starts to soar again, after dealing with the drabness of winter.  Are you beginning to find creative ideas are churning up near the surface already?  I am developing a new aspect of my business, and am in the process of creating the website called ProfessionalWomensWellness.com  Wellness has been an interest of mine since the late 1980s, and now seems to be what many people value.  We don’t just want to be illness-free, but rather have peak energy and vibrant health.

What creative interest do you wish to pursue this spring?

Many people feel our ability to think makes us different from the lower animals.  However, I believe being creative also makes us special.  We often continue to do the same thing in the same way while feeling dragged out and in a rut, if we don’t get in touch with our creative sides. How you might ask can you get that part of you stimulated when you might feel there is nothing you can do to make a situation you may view as less than favorable better?  First of all I believe we need to ask ourselves often if we are happy or at least satisfied with certain parts of our lives right now. What activities for example help you feel a sense of accomplishment and what situations or activities just seem to rob you of your energy?

What can you do to boost your creativity?

I invite you to take a little time to just contemplate where you are presently in your life/career.  Are you contemplating taking the next step towards your career and/or life goals or just feel like you are treading water, hoping things will get better?  It is really important as a first step to just identify where you are now. You can then try some simple exercises, like getting quiet and asking yourself what you would like your life/career to be like so you have an idea where you would like to be when you help create it!

Take some time to get quiet when you want your creativity to flow and help you envision your life/career where you want it to be before you try to modify what you are doing to actually create the life you want!  

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