Tips to Deal with a Boring Healthcare Professional Staff Meeting

Have you ever had to sit through a nursing or other healthcare professional staff meeting where the facilitator or a peer drones on and on, repeating the same information over and over and over?  Do you just want to get up and leave, or find yourself almost falling asleep?  Since you want to remain professional, what can you do to cope with this meeting challenge, without disrupting the meeting or just dozing off?

Five Suggestions to deal professionally while sitting through a boring staff meeting:

1.  First of all, remember to bring a notebook.  I prefer a steno type for privacy.

2.  You can either write your blog or an entry in your journal focusing on your feelings about the meeting.  I find they often give you good food for thought.

3.  You can doodle or draw.  Since the only way you can tell if my drawn stick figure is  female is that I make sure she is wearing a skirt, the only drawing I do is abstract.

4.  If you find the meeting is making you feel nervous, try a form of alternate tapping.  In EMDR (used for anxiety as well as many other challenges) alternate knee tapping is one that is effective.  If you are sitting around a table I have used my own version of alternately tapping my feet.  If there is no table between you and the other professionals, I have used just alternate big toe tapping, which is not noticeable through my practical slip on flat heeled shoes.

5.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can wait until the “windy” peer takes a breath to avoid talking over her or him.  Make sure to “bottom line” (i.e. be brief and make your point quickly), as you may only have the chance to share a couple of sentences before the wordy person seems to take over again.

Try using one or more of the above suggestions and you may find you can survive boring meetings with much less stress.  You might even be able to be somewhat productive and get your important point across albeit it briefly.

Using new coping tools can help you transform boring meetings from a perceived waste of time to possibilities that are more satisfying!


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