Where do You Want to be in your Professional Life by 12/31/13?

Have you taken some time off over the December holidays to rest and refresh your career passion?  Did you spend a little of that time thinking about where you might want your career success to be in one year, or if you are a long-term planner in five years?  To get focused, some people use their imaginations to try to see/feel how their future selves might be once their career pinnacle is reached.

How do you use your imagination to help create the professional life you want?

If you are familiar with either guided imagery, or meditation, using your imagination may be easy for you.  These are some easy steps:

  1. Start by trying to quiet your mind.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed preferably.
  3. Imagine a calming place, usually people use a memory of an outdoor scene (or make one up).
  4. Take slow deep breaths.
  5. Ask yourself how you might feel/how life would be different when your career goals are met.
  6. Try to imagine your successful life with as much detail as possible, including where you might work and live, what car you could see yourself driving, etc.
  7. Envision how you would look on the outside, and more importantly, how confident and satisfied you would feel on the inside.

While this exercise does not tell you exactly what you would need to do to get to your ideal professional life, it is a way to help you focus on where you want to be eventually.

The next step:  Ask yourself what you might need to do in the next year to help attain your career goals.

Before you set your yearly goals, take a little time to get focused on where and who you want to be professionally in your future when you have attained your career success!

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