“Are You Happy with Your Professional Growth This Year?”

How far have you progressed with your professional goals this year?  Have you begun to write your goals already for 2013?  Believe it or not, some registered nurses and other female professionals have not written down their goals, maybe even for several years!

Although I have not completed all fourteen of my goals or 2012, which also include work/life balance as well as professional ones, I made at least some progress on most of those I did not complete.  For 2013, I only have twelve, some of which are a continuation of this last year’s efforts.  Also I celebrated when I did complete each of my 2012 measurable goals and shared my accomplishments (along with my frustrations sometimes) with my buddy coach/friend who praised me for my accomplishments and positive efforts.

Why is it important to write professional goals for the year?

  1. If you don’t have a destination, your energy won’t be focused.
  2. Writing down goals that are measurable makes them more real and tangible.
  3. You can have a reason to celebrate when you accomplish any of them.
  4. You can read your goals often to keep your eye on the golden ring.
  5. You can share your goals more easily with a supportive friend or coach who can celebrate your accomplishments with you and help keep you on a positive path.

Written goals make your professional growth more tangible and real and make it easier to create small steps to accomplish each one of them.

Take some time to contemplate, then write down your 2013 goals and you can maximize your professional growth in the coming year!

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