Even Nurses Can Be Hot and Cold, Like Spring Weather with Our Own Health Goals!

Isn’t it amazing how health care professional, even those of us considered to be the most holistic, sometimes forget to take our own overall health needs into consideration?  Being caretakers (sometimes also at home), there seems to be a belief that we can keep giving and giving and never need replenishing, until of course we get sick or burned out.  Even when we try to make time regularly for exercise, fun, relaxation, even sleep and to eat right, often other commitments take priority.

How Can Nurses Create a Healthy Balance Between Being Super Caretakers and Caring for Ourselves?

  1.  There is a western image I love of the wagon wheel.  View yourself as the hub of the wheel, while      the spokes that hold the outer rim in place are all the people who depend on you.  If the hub becomes weak it will eventually split and the whole wheel will fall apart.
  2.  Be realistic and kind to yourself.  No one I know is capable of following a perfect self-care program every day.  When one of your health goals is put aside for another priority today, recommit to it tomorrow.
  3. Re-evaluate if your self-health regimen might possibly be too strict, and allow yourself to modify it if needed, to make it more achievable.  Please also remember to celebrate small victories, even giving yourself a little treat every week (or month) when you achieve at least 80% of your goals.

Remember the wagon wheel and keep your hub strong.  Be kind and realistic with your self-health program so it doesn’t become a stressor, and be consistent committing to it!


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