Five Signs of a Healthy Workplace!

What does it take to create a healthy workplace?  While different personality types have unique needs and fears, so an ideal workplace might be partially personal preference, most people would probably agree that the following list describing a healthy work environment seems universal.

What a healthy environment is like:

  1. Staff feel valued and confidently share their ideas and suggestions, believing they will be accepted and listened to.
  2. The workplace appears busy, but somehow calm.
  3. Decisions that affect their work directly are often made by the group.
  4. If asked, staff on most days will say they feel good about coming to work.
  5. The team verbalizes satisfaction with their work, they are proud of their accomplishments, and often get affirming feedback from their leader.

Does this sound like your current workplace?  If you are shaking your head “no”, you are not alone.  Did you know up to 50% of people would rather work someplace else?

What can one person do?

You may ask, “but what can one person do to try to help create a healthier workplace?”

While leaders do play a pivotal role to set the tone of their unit/department, one member of the team can actually be a catalyst for developing a more positive work atmosphere.

For example, have you ever let a peer know you valued their ideas?  Do you self assess and if you are feeling stressed are you able to calm yourself down?  Do you make suggestions to do a task, etc. in an easier, time saving way?  Do keep your attention on what is going well at work, rather than on a perceived slight?  Can you identify and give compliments to peers for their accomplishments, and savor your own?

  Do you recognize how powerful you can be to make a positive impact on your work environment?    For more information, you can reach me at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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