How Can You Let Your Light Shine?

Do you have a talent, skill or passion you feel is important to share with others, but don’t know how to do it?  I wanted to help nurses and other female professionals succeed, more quickly and with much less stress through transitions in their careers, such as entering a management position, or even planning for retirement.  I was stymied how to let them know I was there to help.

I learned a few key ways to get the word out and share useful tips for the professionals I care so much about.

Five Ways to Let Your Light Shine!

  1. Tweet (not just what you are doing, but share a brief useful tip for your chosen audience.) Check out my tweets as an example at:
  2. Create a website that is a blogsite (WordPress is awesome and fairly easy to use), or at least a Facebook page so your communication can be interactive.
  3. Write articles either for journals or submit them to internet sites.
  4. Share more in depth success or other tips in a book or ebook.  (I share my leadership success tips in my new managers toolkit book “How to Manage with a Magic Wand, (No, Don’t Hit Your “Problem Employees” over the Head with it!)”
  5. Keep in touch with your chosen group of people by joining groups (both in person if available and e-groups) where you can share your views and comment on other’s offerings.  Also you be interviewed for a radio or even TV show so people can get a more real life feel for what you have to offer.

Check out my latest radio interview with Christine of Cosozo radio, at:

Hope these suggestions give you ideas how you, too, can share your unique talent,  skill or passion because YOUR SPECIALNESS SHOULD COME INTO THE LIGHT TO BE SHARED WITH OTHERS WHO NEED YOU!

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