How Healthy Are Your Healthcare Professional Goals for 2013?

2013 is nearly over.  Do you ask yourself have you made enough progress on your professional goals?  Even at holiday family gatherings do you have a nagging feeling you may have failed to achieve as much career success as you have expected of yourself?

How can you balance continuing your professional growth, maintain a high level of wellness and not get discouraged if you feel you haven’t met your personal standards this year?  I find having compassion with my clients, helps me also be kind to myself.  When I reviewed my twelve healthcare professional and wellness goals for 2013, (which I go over at least once per month during the year), I was generally satisfied that I had accomplished many of them, and at least made progress on most of them.  While I did not achieve total success, I was able to be realistic that in general I was going in the right direction—progress, not perfection being my motto!

Five Ways to Increase Personal Satisfaction if Some of Your Goals are Not Achieved:

  1.  Treat yourself with same kindness as you would extend to your best friend if all of your goals were not accomplished.
  2.  Remember that “life happens”, and being only human we have to reset life/career priorities sometimes.
  3. Celebrate the goals you did complete (or partially accomplish) while reminding yourself you are going forward in a positive direction, even if all of them aren’t completed.
  4. Allow yourself the option to re-evaluate whether some of the semi-completed or not achieved goals could either be continued next year, or that maybe now they might not be as important to even pursue at this time.
  5. Remind yourself you are only human.  You may have been (as I tend to be) overly ambitious creating too many or too high professional goals.  By placing your priorities on having some fun or resting more, you may actually be helping yourself to a higher level of wellness (and even productivity later on) than if you were just to keep pushing yourself to do more and more.

By allowing yourself to be human, even nurses/healthcare professionals can avoid feeling like a failure just because you haven’t done everything on your goals’ list this last year.  The holiday season is hopefully a time for you to enjoy friends and family, and not beat yourself up or feel you are a failure if you are not presently as successful in accomplishing your professional goals as you hoped to be by the end of the year.

Goals are a means to help create a clear path for growth, but sometimes forging a new trail, or resting awhile along the way can increase your personal satisfaction and increase your vitality!


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