What Frustrates You Regarding Decision-Making in Your Professional Healthcare Job?

Do you feel powerless due to changes being made to your practice without clinician input?  Whether you are a nurse in a healthcare facility or a nurse therapist, some non-clinical people like “payors” sometimes change the rules without seeming to consider the consequences. 

While some changes can actually save healthcare professionals’ time, others seem to take decision-making out of the hands of the first line professionals.  “Money people” who have never worked directly with patients/clients often make clinical decisions which to me actually borders on being unethical.

For example, if the “quota” for numbers of clients therapists need to see daily is raised, the facility may accidentally be creating assembly line type client treatment.  Combining increased productivity with the current trend to go “paperless” without allotting time to learn the new system, can contribute to caretakers becoming stressed and can even help lead to burnout.

What You Can Do to Help Decrease Stress Reactions to Others’ Decisions That Create a Challenging Impact on Your Clinical Practice:

  1. Make sure to take time to care for yourself outside of work.  Some suggestions that work for me are: practicing one half hour of meditation daily, engaging in moderate exercise at least twenty minutes every other day, and spending time with supportive people (which include my three “purrsons”).
  2. Assess whether the change might eventually be helpful to your practice such as often once the paperless system is learned it can decrease your paperwork time, so try to be patient.
  3. Prioritize your tasks with actual client/patient face-to-face treatment being the number one priority.

While taking more control of our clinical practice(s) may only be truly be possible in private practice where clients pay individually, using the three suggestions above might help you deal more effectively and expend less stress-related energy.

Change is inevitable.  While some changes are positive, and others may be perceived as negative challenges, here is a helpful popular quote:  “We cannot control the wind, but we can adjust the sails”.


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