Why Can Even Health Care Professionals Get the Holiday Blues?

Do you feel you have to be loving and always smiling to help family members feel happy on the holidays?  Do you get upset with yourself if you don’t feel upbeat and cheerful or just plain don’t feel happy within yourself? Guess what, you are not alone!

Five Reasons Even Health Care Professionals Feel Less Than Happy on Holidays.  You:

  1. Have recently experienced the death of a loved one (including a beloved family pet).
  2. You are dealing with a divorce and the “divorced” family member is no longer welcome, while you may have been close to him or her.
  3. Have lost a nursing position you liked or switched to a lesser paying one and can’t afford to buy Christmas presents (or have so little money they feel you can’t buy the same quality of presents as you usually give).
  4. Are stressed out from work, including feeling pressured to be on shift on the holidays or have home stressors that lower your energy level.
  5. May not know quite what is wrong, only that you just plain don’t like the holidays this year.  Hint:  If a person is having the following physical issues, however, she may have a more serious issue than the blues, i.e. a condition called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  The symptoms may include:  feeling exhausted most of the time, having trouble getting to sleep and/or waking up early in the morning, and/or experiencing a loss of appetite or can’t seem to get enough to eat.

How even health care professionals experience the holidays are related to their previous experiences, self-expectation and present life happenings.

Simple Steps to Try to Feel a Little More Positive Include:

Step One:  Ask yourself what is going on that is interfering with enjoying family-oriented holidays this year.

Step Two: Honor your unique feelings.

Step Three:  Try to put your emphasis on the meaning of the season, especially if you have experienced a loss or expect to encounter family stressors at get togethers.

Step Four:  Remember your intrinsic worth is not defined by how much you give, but a well thought about, inexpensive but individualized gift may be just as much appreciated.

Step Five:  If you think you may be experiencing SAD, reach out for help to a qualified therapist.

Health Care Professionals, like other people, experience holidays differently, sometimes because of outside circumstances, losses, etc. so please don’t think you are immune to the holiday blues, if you aren’t in the holiday spirit this year!




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