Five Behaviors of Super Leaders

What do you or did you love about your favorite supervisor?  Here are some of the team building behaviors of super leaders I have known.

What Super Leaders do differently include they:

  1. Put their staff’s needs sometimes even ahead of their own.  My first Head Nurse, who was not Christian, actually volunteered to cover my evening charge nurse shift on Christmas Eve, so I could spend it with family.
  2. Give positive feedback on a regular basis to recognize extra effort.  Despite popular belief the boss who gives continual positive feedback, not just on an evaluation, helps increase staff’s self esteem, and I even had one that liked to hug.  (One word of caution, he only hugged people who were comfortable with touch).
  3. Encourage, listen to and respect ideas, suggestions, etc. from their staff.  One of my best bosses actually asked for my opinion on many issues, which helped me feel more professional.
  4. Show they actually like their staff by smiling (a real not forced smile) and greeting them warmly.  One of my supervisors surprised me by saying he missed me when I was off one weekend.  It made me feel important and even a bit special.
  5. Stay positive, use a sense of humor to lighten up stressful situations and help deal with rapid changes we know occur often in today’s workplace.  One of my D.O.N.s  used her sense of humor (with discretion, and being careful not to be cynical or sarcastic) so effectively, we actually enjoyed meetings even those dealing with serious changes.

I’ll bet you can identify other vital healthy behaviors great leaders you know have demonstrated as well.  Would love you to share your experiences, ideas and/or comments.  Feel free to contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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