Are You a Goal Setter or Promise Keeper?

Are you a high achieving health care professional who feels the need to make lofty New Year’s goals, then in February or March feel you are “failing” at achieving them?  In the past I have made too high goals and felt disappointed in myself a few months into the year.  I have now decided to make just a few, doable “promises”, usually in January that I feel I can accomplish during the year.  That way I don’t get overwhelmed or just plain give up.  Here are some of my self health promises for 2016:

1.  I will meditate/do Yoga stretches for 1/2 hour daily.

2.  I will eat healthier food in more moderate amounts.  (Note I didn’t say how many calories I would restrict myself to or exactly how much or what type is the “healthiest”.  Rather I am adding more vegetables and remembering to eat two pieces of fresh fruit daily.  I am becoming more adept at being aware when I am no longer hungry, and distracting myself when I want to snack late in the evening).

3.  I will put at least $500 per month in my savings’ account to pay for a new roof on my house (my roof tiles are looking a bit rough).

4.  I will walk for at least 15 minutes daily or use my new rowing machine for the same minimum amount of time, gradually building up to 1/2 hour.  Notice I committed to walking in a comfortable pair of walking shoes or rowing which I always enjoyed doing in a real boat when I was younger.

5.  I will call at least one friend and/or family member on the weekends.  Most of my friends and family live in another state and I realized reaching out more often would help me stay connected with people who I love–and love me back!

Hope you noticed I was making “promises” not goals written in stone.  I feel asking what is reasonable of myself and what I know I can really accomplish actually helps me stay motivated to continue working (or sometimes even “playing”) on keeping them.

Have a healthful 2016, and be gentle with yourself.  Sometimes we are even more productive and achieve what we really want by being reasonable!

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