Back to School for You or Yours?

It is almost time for children and others interested in either higher education or continuing their professional/personal development to return to school.  How do you feel when anticipating that first day: excited,  looking forward to seeing school friends, or just plain dreading the amount of work facing you (or yours) again?  I find attitude about facing the new (and sometimes unknown) can be exhilarating. For me it can also be somewhat stressful .

Every one of us responds differently to changes in our lives, whether it be our children going back off to school for the day and maybe even the semester if they begin college,  taking courses for a basic or higher degree ourselves  in our  chosen fields, or ones in areas of life with which we are unfamiliar.  I believe though that new doesn’t have to be scary, or stress-provoking if we approach it with an attitude of curiosity and anticipate that we have the talent and personal wellness tools to deal effectively with whatever we encounter.  I have had one teacher who seemed could never be “pleased” enough to give me an “A” in a process type class, but have others who were helpful and supportive.  I have been in classes with funny, nice peers but also usually there is one that seems to view everything–and everybody in a negative light.

I guess that means school at least when in person, has its ups and downs.  Online classes have been a great way to get educated (even for teenagers who were feeling bullied at school) without much of the drama.  The drawback though is there is much less interaction even with teachers, which could have both enriched the person’s experience by being exposed to other people’s viewpoints, etc. and also served as an easy place to meet good friends.

Five Ways to decrease Stress and Increase Satisfaction  When Attending School:

1.  Make it a point to focus on your end goal, such as a degree (includes teenagers going to High School to get their diplomas).

2. Use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing the first day of class to go into the situation more calmly.  This can work for viewing the introduction to online classes well.

3.  Remind yourself why you are taking the class even if the subject matter seems daunting.  In High School I dreaded even the word “Algebra”.  To help your child deal with an especially hard subject (remember our interpretation of hard is as individual as we are), by letting the youngster know it is okay to get some extra help from teachers, tutors, etc. if needed.

4.  Make sure not to let the program run you.  Make time for relaxation.

5.  Spend time with family.  If you or your child are having trouble in school with bullies, consider your options, such as online school, etc.

Engaging in school or other new endeavors can be exciting or an “Oh my Gosh” experience depending on our attitudes!



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