How do You Know When it is Time to Go?

Have you planned to leave a job or relationship in the future, but then something happens beyond your control and you just know it would be best for you to leave sooner?  Sometimes just one more change, unwanted new responsibility or someone’s behavior becoming more stressful for you to deal with is what people call “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

My own retirement plan will be in about two and one half months rather than sometime the middle of next year due to a sudden change at my job.  I prayed about it before I handed in my resignation, but just felt it was the right time to make that adjustment.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know it is just time for a move, but procrastinate?  Several reasons could be interfering with you taking action.


1.  FEAR!  What sometimes helps people with this barrier is to break down the word letter by letter.  F=false E=evidence A=appearing R=real.  Make a difference in your perception of it?

2.  There is a funny story about one man visiting his friend on the friend’s wooden porch.  His dog kept whining. The man asked his friend what was wrong and the friend replied his dog was lying on an exposed nail.  When the man asked his friend why the dog didn’t just get up and move, the friend replied that he guessed it didn’t hurt enough yet!  Is it just that you are still not in enough emotional pain?

3.  You are not sure what you will do next, (or that you might be lonely without the relationship or job) and the unknown makes you feel anxious.

4.  You aren’t sure you will be able to get a better job or relationship.  If you are planning to go out on your own will you fail?

5.  Will you be able to meet your financial needs, if you don’t get another job (or if you have been the partner in a less than satisfactory relationship can you survive at least well without the other person’s income)?

If you identify any of these barriers as the “why” you don’t take steps at least to plan to move into a better work or living situation, you might want to talk with someone you trust or even a professional life coach or counselor to help you both to realize you deserve better and to take steps for your “great escape”  because YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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