Giving Thanks is Sometimes a Challenge!

Ever feel disappointed at the holidays?  My sister-in-law called me just a couple of weeks ago and said they were not having the family gathering on Thanksgiving this year.  Instead they are going to travel to see their daughter and granddaughter out of state.  Since I travel from Wyoming to Chicago land every Thanksgiving (and it costs more than a few dollars), I felt abandoned by my family.  Even though I will see one brother, a good friend and my Godsons (each on different days of course), missing my first big family reunion holiday dinner put a temporary damper on my plans.  I decided though to enjoy my trip despite it.   Here is:

How to Cope with Disappointment at holiday time:

1.  I remembered to let my sister-in-law know how much I love them, and understood their need to just go and enjoy rather than spending the time–and money to make the big family dinner.  I reminded them I also knew they were planning to move to a smaller house as their property taxes have gone way up so their priority was also to get it ready for sale.

2.  I reminded myself I was still going to see many other people I care for and offered to take my niece and her family out to lunch on Thanksgiving before she goes to work so I could still be with some of my family on the holiday.

3. I made a mental list of the many positives in my life such as my health, my pets, and a warm loving home here in Wyoming, as well as that I am employed and able to buy food of my choice, and take care of my property and car.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving and how can the positives in your life balance out any disappointments you may experience?

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