Holidays, Jolly or Just Office Politics?

Do you work at a place where someone makes all the decisions about what you will do, maybe even wear for the holidays?  I believe while the controlling people are well intentioned trying to enjoy or at least look like I am enjoying a project and/or holiday party is a lot of work!  Wouldn’t it be nice if a holiday party both reflected what the staff might want (at least a “majority”) and even allow people to opt out of parts of the “celebration” that don’t fit with their personalities–or interests?  I believe holiday celebrations/projects like other decisions are best made democratically–not autocratically.  However, I have found using some positive coping techniques work for me.

What to do When You Want to Stay Politically “Safe” while also staying positive:

1.  First this year I didn’t think much about the issue until the day of the “project/party”

.2.  Then I made up my mind to literally put bells on (a jingle bell necklace) to help create Christmas Cheer.

3.  Since I am uncomfortable with small children who have emotional problems (our project) I reminded myself we would be structured, I love people in general, have a good sense of humor (usually) and can listen with enthusiasm even to high energy four year olds.

4.  I also remembered the time would be limited to no more than 2 1/2 hours, so I could stay in a positive “space” for at least that long.

5.  I looked forward to the dinner where the adults could just talk, laugh and enjoy, which I feel shows staff members that all their hard (very hard) work is appreciated.

So if you are subject to an uncomfortable project, or other work related “celebration”, I hope you too can get through the rough part knowing it is time-limited while staying politically “safe” from repercussions that could occur if you opted out of it.

Enjoy your family/friend and personal time this Christmas, because political office projects only usually happen once or so per year!

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