Ever Feel Like You Need a Vacation after Your Vacation?

Just came back from a short, but fun vacation out of state.  I felt refreshed, energetic and just plain more alive.  Have you ever come back to work, (I still work in a fulltime therapist position at a local mental health center in addition to my private work) and the you-know-what hits the fan?  Two days back and I wish I could take another week off!  Of course that is because we are working not just short-staffed but half-staffed and the only other full-time therapist is not even fully licensed yet.  He is a real gentleman and works as hard as I do, but sometimes it seems we just are not enough to carry the heavy load  that has been put on our shoulders (as broad as his and mine are) sometimes.


1.  Try to get the most important work done, such as staying present for full sessions with clients as they are the priority.

2.  Do paperwork as quickly and as succinctly as possible, while trying hard not to decrease high quality.

3.  Spend time even if you feel tired after work either in person, on the phone (or Facebook if you prefer) connecting with people who love and support you.

4.  Be diligent about at least taking a walk daily, as I find an after work walk (I get to walk by a river) really helps decrease both mental and physical stress.

5.  If you are spiritual try to spend a little time meditating (or praying if that helps you connect) so that it is easier to see a bigger picture and make sure to get enough sleep at night.

If you still feel you are so overworked (and maybe overwhelmed) it may be time to look elsewhere to a possibly better situation.  I have hope things will get better where I am as soon as we get at least one more professional staff member.  If you are a licensed therapist how does  moving to a little town in Wyoming sound to you?

Taking care of the caretaker’s needs is just as important as doing the caretaking!

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