Spring–Winter–Spring, EvenHealthcare Professionals Get Sick!

Have you had the privilege of attracting the “flu” this winter?  We here in Wyoming have the dubious distinction of making national news for having the most (and I think the worst) cases per capita of our fifty states!  Now I love the fact that one quarter of our state is actually Yellowstone National Park and we have now millions of visitors every year from all over the country and even some from other countries, but making the news for so many of us falling ill with the flu is not the greatest badge of honor!

How to Avoid Getting the Flu (or at least surviving it better):

1.  It sounds really simple, but frequent hand washing is one key to staying well.  One of my clients reminded me we all have staff germs on our hands usually, so keeping them and other germs to a minimum can really help protect people.

2.  At the first sign of a “cold” or “flu” I start taking more Vitamin C and Zinc.  Some people also add Elderberry juice/tabs or other natural immune system enhancers.  (This year it didn’t seem to matter. This “bug” scared the pants off even Tamiflu!)

3.  As hard as it is for most healthcare professionals, at least try to get more rest.  When I was sick I slept ten hours every night.

4.  Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.  Water is great and tea has a lot of anti-oxidants as well.

5.  Again, this is really hard for us who usually are the people who care for others, but if you can’t control coughing especially, please stay home to avoid passing the bug on. We are big-hearted people who have much to give, but the bug that was going around our state is not one you want to pass on!

There is an old saying that if we don’t take care of ourselves we are less able to care for others!

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