A Mid Summer’s Day Dream

What have you been doing this summer?  We had a festive fireworks display on the 4th of July, an exciting PRCA  (professional) Rodeo, and are looking forward to both our craft fair in the park and what is called the Gifting of the Waters parade and ceremony.  The Gifting of the Waters commemorates when Chief Washakie gave the hot springs not only to the whites, but made sure there would be a public pool so every local person could soak in the healing hot mineral waters–for free.   Yes, I live in a small town, but we sure know how to have good, clean summer fun.

Suggestions for free, family fun times:

1.  Get out into nature for a hike, or if you like a camping trip to get away from the hubbub especially if you live in an urban area.

2.  Try a family bike ride.  ( I just saw a news story about bike riding classes for adults who never learned to ride as children, so they, too can enjoy that feeling of freedom).

3.  Barbeque (even if it is in your backyard).  The aroma of chicken, steak (or ribs if you prefer) is enough to make most mouths water and also can help keep the family away from our many electronic devices for a while so they can just enjoy each other’s company.

4.  Sit by water, whether it is an ocean, lake or a little stream and just listen to it flow and/or waves lap on the beach.

5. Take a walk by yourself, or with someone you love (I consider dogs to be family members too) but make it leisurely.  Leave the aerobic fast walk for another time and just be aware of your surroundings if you live in a safe area that at least has pretty trees and preferably some lovely flowers along your route.

Summer can be a great time to reconnect with nature, our family/friends and take a little breathing time to just be.


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