Back to School–Already?

Most heath care professional women especially are probably happy their children are about to go back to school.  Less daycare worries with the financial stress it may bring is also a real asset for some.

However has anyone considered what it might be like to be a teacher returning to the classroom after having free time for a few months?  I believe we under estimate the amount of time and energy many teachers face during the school year.  I never thought about the hours they spend outside the classroom preparing their lessons and grading homework.   Many have to deal with parents whose children are not succeeding as well as they expect as often they blame the teacher, and take no responsibility for making sure homework is completed, etc.

Once I came to that realization of how much teachers actually have to contend with and accomplish in a school (and after school) day, I had a whole new respect for them.


l.  First understand the long hours they put in during a typical day, so let your children know texting the teacher about an assignment that is being graded on a Sunday is inconsiderate.

2.  If a child is not succeeding in a class, meeting with the teacher to make a plan is positive but to blame the teacher is often misguided.

3.  Understand the teacher needs some time to relax after school, so if a concern about a child’s performance is not critical try to schedule a time to discuss the issue that works for the teacher as well as the parent.

4.  Encourage children at the end of the semester to thank their teachers.  A little verbal appreciation goes a long way to keeping the teacher motivated to continue doing her/his best.

5.  Try to remember yourself what teacher(s) in your life have made a lasting positive impact on you, and tell your child about it.  Encourage the child to let you know when a teacher seems to go above and beyond for that young person so you, too, can thank her/him.

Teachers in the orient are highly regarded as their people know they help shape a child’s future.  Let’s give our teachers that same kind of respect!

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