Beautiful Fall!

What does fall mean to you?  Do you anticipate leaves becoming an array of beautiful colors or think about how they are about to die?  Autumn is probably my favorite season as I love the way the trees seem to dress up with bountiful hues of red, gold or orange.  I don’t look to the future when they fall off and WINTER COMES.  Of course for me who at one time jokingly was called “Sister Mary Pollyanna”, I do tend to look on the bright side of most situations.


1. Take the time to ride around your neighborhood, park, etc. and enjoy the radiant colors of the leaves.

2.  Attend a fall or October fest celebration.

3.  Begin to look forward to Thanksgiving when we take time to actually be grateful for what we have right now–and enjoy it.

Anytime of year can be exciting and beautiful if you just know where to look–and take the time to do it.  Often we hurry through our days working, shopping caring for chores and maybe people/pets at home, and we miss wonders that are literally right in front of our noses.  Don’t miss out on nature’s masterpiece, give yourself autumn’s gift because YOU ARE WORTH IT!.

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