Has Your Passion Taken a Vacation?

Ever feel like no matter how much you do at work there is always a pile more?  In today’s health care field it seems they always want more and often with less resources!   Every year (and I have been in the field a good many years) it is harder for me to focus on helping my clients to succeed and have more at least contented lives when I have often become a “human doing” rather than a human being myself.  How do we try to balance being there for others and taking enough care of ourselves so that we can continue giving with all of our hearts?

I do not have all he answers, but I have tried some of the following self-care methods to try to refurbish my passion:

1.  I take a “laze” day usually on Saturdays where I only spend time with my three kitty “therapists”, do a little housework for some activity and just “veg” with a book, an adult coloring book, and/or TV.

2.  I try to walk at least 15 minutes almost every day after my job where I sit way too much to both reduce tension and make my heart, muscles and joints happier.

3.  I stretch and do some prayer work in the morning and meditate and do more stretching before bed, to help get me into a positive mindset reduce tension and increase flexibility in my body.

4.  I reach out to a good friend, not in the field or from work, that I trust to vent every week but also to have and be a cheerleader for pro-actively problem solving, so I don’t feel I am stuck with no options.

5.  I am lucky enough to be at an age where I could retire if I wanted to although not as well as I planned, or take the option of finding a less stressful working situation from my full-time job which I do in addition to my wellness/career coaching private practice.  Since I am a workaholic baby boomer, slowing down seems alien to me, but it can be an option.  Finding other more positive and hopefully less stressful work situations sometimes may be a way to a better, more balanced life for others as well.

Creating balance between work and outside life can often reduce feelings of overwhelm and help prevent burnout.  Not Taking care of ourselves is a good way to loose our passion and maybe even our health!

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