Post Holiday Blahs?

Do you feel a let down emotionally when the holidays are over?  All that running around decorating the house, shopping and maybe entertaining keep most of us so busy it is like being in a whirlwind.  Afterwards just experiencing a normal day may seem boring.  What can we do to keep the rest of the winter from just being dreary and for most of us COLD?  Here are a few suggestions I have used to keep busy and have fun–mainly in my nice cozy warm home (or that of friends).

Five Ways to Beat the Winter BLAHS:

1.  Make a warm cup of tea (or better yet hot chocolate) and sip it–slowly.

2.  Cuddle up in a robe or warm blanket and enjoy watching the snow fall.  (Don’t think about the shoveling you might have to do later).

3.  Call a good friend or family member, maybe one that was at a holiday get together with you and share the pleasant experiences of the season.

4.  Shop the after holiday sales.  I know someone who does much of  her Christmas shopping for the next year the days following this one.

5.  Play cards or other board games with good friends.  I had more fun recently just laughing and joking with some of my friends while we played a game  that I almost got a side ache!

Sometimes it is just the little things we consciously do that can make a big difference.  What have you tried to keep the blahs away when it is cold and dreary outside?

Try one of the above suggestions and you might find a little respite from the long, cold winter that many of us deal with every year!

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